samedi API Reference

Overview of samedi APIs

There are 2 different APIs available to integrators and partners.

  1. The Public Booking API allows external software and services to book appointments in samedi-powered institutions (practices, clinics, hospitals, etc.) via a RESTful interface. It also allows appointment booking on behalf of a samedi Patient Account, via OAuth. This is the best fit for online portals or websites and services representing a healthcare institution (e.g. a doctor, a clinic, or a hospital) or a collection of such institutions (e.g. a portal for orthopedists, a portal for a specific area, or a site for a whole clinic chain with multiple departments). samedi provides a ready-made and customizable Booking Widget so this could fit your needs without the need of integrating via this custom API.

  2. The Search API can be used to locate available samedi-powered institutions based on a location or other criteria. The matching results can be optionally used along with the Public Booking API in order to provide a complete “find and book” solution.